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Apply to Fryxellska skolan by registering for the skills test

The registration for school with start in August 2022 (academic year 2022/2023) and applicants for year 4 closed 28th of November. The skills test will be held in January 2022. 

There is a total of 144 places in year 4, this is evenly distributed for music- and dance profile. When you have left your application in the register form you will receive a confirmation e-mail together with a register-id. An invitation for the skills test will be sent to you by regular post in December.

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Skills test

Everyone who applies to our school must do a skills test to see if the student has the prior knowledge and prerequisites required to be able to start in music- or danceclass in year 4. The skills tests are scheduled in January every year. The students with the highest score from the skills tests will be offered a place at the school.

In the videos on the previous page "Sök till oss", you can see how the two skills tests (dance and music) works.